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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Resource List: Services & Tools I Use & Recommend To My "I-Marketing Secrets ..." Subscribers

Steve Gaghagen

Here's The Great System I Use To Build
My Business ... You Can Use It Too ...
It's FREE !


ello and welcome!

On this page, you will find links to the advertising resources that I use on a daily basis. I've only listed the resources that I actively use and that are responsive. Some are free to join. However, as with all online advertising resources, maximum benefit comes from upgrading. I suggest starting out slowly and add to your advertising portfolio as your budget and time allow.

Create Your Own Funded Sponsoring System

All of the resources I use to build my business are what I term, Supplemental Businesses.

That means that they have an Affiliate Program ... free to join ... which will pay you ... either in "credits" of some kind, or in cash. I don't want to have to pay for the tools I use.

In fact ... I want them to pay me!

The way these should be used is simple in that respect:

Join them ... join their affiliate program ... receive your affiliate link. Pass that link on as you recommend the tool to your downline members. Going further ... you can pass your link outside your downline through your mailing lists, safelists, online advertising sites, email lists, etc.

If you're not using any of any of those advertising tools ... or if you don't even know what I'm talking about ... don't worry. As a subscriber to "I-Marketing Secrets That I Learned The Hard Way!", you'll be learning most all of the basic stuff from the e-mails you receive.


(NOTE: If you're NOT currently a subscriber to "I-Marketing Secrets ...", you're invited to subscribe right now! It's FREE, and simply packed with good information designed to help and enlighten both the seasoned professional and the I-Marketing "Newbie".

To Subscribe FREE ... simply follow this link:



So ... (to continue) ... with just a few folks joining under you in a Supplemental Business ... your use of that business as a marketing tool is usually paid for. You're now using the tool for free.

With more enrollments in that business ... that tool is now paying you!

Here's the best part:

As your downlines in these Supplemental Businesses grow ... they begin to provide something very important: Your Primary Business Operating Expenses.

In other words ... if you structure your business correctly ... the tools on this page can generate enough funds for you so that they will pay all of your advertising and operating expenses ... growing each month ... leaving your Primary Business income free and clear for your own personal use.

When you structure your business this way, you are operating in the style of what is known as a "Funded Proposal". It's a great concept. There are many "Funded Proposal", or "Funded Sponsoring" systems out there. I use a couple of great ones myself.

However ... you don't need a system to operate in that manner.

I recommend from the start that you keep your eye on structuring your business in this way.

Start with the resources you find here. I use them ... and they work.

If you're new to all this ... and just starting your online business ... I recommend starting with Oppseekers Leads and Traffic Oasis.

Leads are the most important thing you can do to help grow your business AND your mailing list. Start there, in that order.

Then ... talk to me ... and ask me where to go next. I'll be glad to help.

I urge you to connect with me online.

On this page you'll find all my contact information ... including the instant messengers that I'm usually on every day.

Please ... don't be shy. Call me, e-mail, or instant message me ...

I wish you great success in your marketing and welcome you to contact me with your questions. I'm happy to help any way that I can.

Happy Marketing,

Steve Gaghagen
Director - The SYKARO Team
(SYKARO = "Synergy of Knowledge And Resources Online")




MSM: stevemax@dslextreme.com (no email here please ... thanx)
AIM: primoschminke (don't ask ... LOL)
Skype: steve.gaghagen
YAHOO IM: stevemaxbigbear
MySpace IM: gogreenmakemoney

What You Will Find Here
  1. "My Wealthy Blog" - FREE Download of Janet Legere's great new eBook. You'll learn the "nuts and bolts" of setting up a "Blog Capture" page that will build a massive e-mail list for your business in no time. Download the book with my compliments.
  2. For the Newbie - Resources for the computer and internet newbie - don't be shy ... we were all new at one time!
  3. OpenOffice: Download a FREE Office Suite that exactly mimics Microsoft Office!
  4. EVRSOFT Software: FirstPage is a GREAT html editor.
  5. RoboForm: FREE Software that will do more to simplify your I-Life and save you time than ANYTHING ELSE YOU'LL FIND!
  6. Response Magic AutoResponder - Your autoresponder is the basis of everything you do when you're in business on the Internet. This is a MUST HAVE ... BUT ... be sure you have the RIGHT ONE.
  7. Safelists - A listing of responsive safelists, including advanced resources
  8. Online Marketing Lists - Marketing resources that are similar to but more responsive than safelists
  9. Advertising Resources - Optional marketing resources
  10. Traffic Exchange Resources - A few of the best
  11. Other Traffic Programs - Uniquely effective resources
  12. Lead Sources - Responsive Leads for your online business.
  13. Website Submission Service and Software - Get your web site Found and SEEN!
  14. Article Writing and Submission Software - One of the most powerful traffic generating strategies out there.
  15. Success Training - Source for hundreds of wonderful training courses. Success is LEARNED.
  16. Communication Resources - Turn the internet into a communication tool and learn to build relationships online.
  17. Janet Legere's CLB List Building Strategies Reports - free re-branding rights.
  18. Contact List Builder, live workshops and resources available from Janet Leger and CLB.
  19. Contact Me


((NEW)) - "My Wealthy Blog" - Building Your Contact List

My Wealthy Blog", written by Janet Legere, is a generic, step-by step instructional guide, that will take you easily through the process of setting up a blog capture page, tying it in to your autoresponders, and setting up a contact management system.

Don't worry if that sounds intimidating ... or expensive. It's not. Janet makes it really simple ... and CHEAP! LOL.

The eBook contains screenshots, so you will know exactly what you need to do to get your own List-Building Online Business system set up and running.

Download the book ... go through the steps ... use it consistently ... and you'll be building a great e-mail contact list in no time. That's 85% of what you need to do to have a successful online business.

Download Your FREE Copy of "My Wealthy Blog" Here

For the Newbie

Are you a "computer nincompoop?

Here are a couple of resources that you can use to study up on what a "window" is. If you're really new at this stuff, remember ... don't try to do it all at once.

... take it one byte at a time.

One-Click Learning Video Club -
Clear, to the point, easy to follow, and FREE. Chet Hastings makes learning computer skills easy. There used to be one-time membership fee but it now appears to have disappeared. If you're new at this ... don't miss these great videos. -

The Newbie Club - For continuing education after your One Click Videos courses, join the Newbie Club and learn all you need about computers and the internet. For the true Newbie, this will round out your education. Extensive courses available, from beginner to advanced. JOIN

OpenOffice FREE Office Suite

Open Office
- Microsoft Office is the standard for computer Office Suites software. It contains programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations ... everything you need to run a small business that's computer based.

Only thing is ... IT'S $400!

OpenOffice.org is a group of "counter culture" maniacs who have duplicated Microsoft Office ... never coming close enough to Microsoft's programming to get in trouble for it ... and the result is Open Office!

It's a complete office suite ... duplicating Microsoft Office in every way you'll ever notice ... but with one difference ... IT'S FREE. That's right ... free ... when you download it ... and always.

They update the program all the time ... and the updates are free as well. It's been around for over 8 years now ... no bugs ... it's great! Get your FREE copy of OpenOffice -

EvrSoft Software

FirstPage -
Evrsoft's First Page 2006 is an incredible html editor. I use it to write all my emails, then I copy and paste into whatever system I'm mailing from. I have soooo much more control.

It's great for creating and modifying capture pages or any type of work that may require html. It's got an incredibly seamless WYSIWYG interface that allows it to work as easily as any word processor.

There's a FREE version that's fine. However, if you upgrade to the purchased version, which is much more powerful, you get a whole ton of web templates that are just GREAT for capture pages. -
Evrsoft's First Page 2006

RoboForm Software

RoboForm - This is the "best little puppy" on the Internet. Without RoboForm ... I don't know what I'd do! Toolbar saves all your Login information for any site requiring a username and password. One click navigates you to the site, enters your information ... and gets you inside.

The most incredible time-saver in I-Marketing. -


The beauty of Network Marketing has always been ... it's built on Relationships ... people talking to other people. However, in the past we've been limited by how many people we could actually build a relationship with.

As in ALL types of marketing ... it's a Numbers Game.

Well today ... with the advent of the Internet, e-mail marketing, and computer based systems ... we have the ability to Network with thousands ... and do it automatically. That's where your Autoresponder comes in.

An autoresponder account is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone even halfway serious about using the Internet to promote their business.

I recommend Response Magic autoresponders ... because of how simple the system is to use, it's versatility ... and it's great Contact Management interface.

Remember ... "Success Is In The List", and I recommend Response Magic as the best and first tool you MUST HAVE.

Set up your RM account now. -

NOTE: Response Magic is also a great Supplemental Business. Their Parent Company, Platinum Synergy, has a nice affiliate program that you can join for free. Then, you can pass Response Magic on to your downline ... AND promote it elsewhere as well. Just a few signups to Response Magic through your affiliate link ... and you've paid for your account! That's just good business! You can join Platinum Synergy's FREE Affiliate Program here -


FIRST: Download My Safelist Training E-Book Here

(This is the NEWLY REVISED Edition. Updated 7/21/07)

A note on Safelists. When joining Safelists, you will be asked for two email addresses. One for an admin address (so the Safelist owner can contact you, also know as your contact email address), and one for your subscribe address (the email address that will receive all the safelists emails from the other safelist members). Make sure your subscribe address is not your main business account, or you may never dig yourself out.

Business World List - Over 60,000 members, includes extra features such as Ad-Announce which is highly responsive - JOIN

Herculist - 40,000+ responsive members - JOIN

AdTactics - The most responsive free list online - JOIN

Opt-In Lister - Two good mailing systems where I've had really good response - JOIN

Smart-List - Affiliated with Herculist and pretty effective - JOIN

AdSolutiOnline - Two mailers, one credit-based ... good results here as well - JOIN

Online Marketing Lists

List Joe - Unique responsive list as well as a downline builder for several lists. This is one of the most responsive groups out there! - JOIN

YourLuckyList - Responsive members as well, when you upgrade you receive personal leads that you can download and add to your list. - JOIN

TheListMachine - Similar concept to YourLuckyList; responsive members. - JOIN

TripleYourList - Delivers opt-in leads right into your mailbox - JOIN

List Lotto - You could win a mailing to their entire list - JOIN

ListDotCom - Similar in concept to YLL and TLM - responsive group - JOIN

Advertising Resources

1MinuteAds - Newest Brainchild from Jane and Phil ... you really must check it out - JOIN

Track That Ad - Tracking and List Building with a unique twist - JOIN

Free Ad Depot - Unique advertising resource created by Jane and Phil of JPE Advertising - JOIN

Target Ads Depot - Another Unique resource by JPE Advertising - JOIN

Rent-a-List - from the same family as Business World List, you'll find highly responsive advertising resources here. This is a pay for service resource. - JOIN

Traffic Exchange Resources

First: Download My Traffic Exchange Training E-Book Here

Note on Traffic Exchanges: Thank you Bill Gates, for Internet Explorer 7. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, you can maximize your return on surfing time by using the new IE7 "tabbed" browser to surf all your traffic exchanges at once. Spend an hour a day surfing all of the following exchanges at once, and you'll drive tons of traffic to your websites.

Web Biz Insider - Traffic Exchange and downline builder - JOIN

U4Surf - Responsive Traffic Exchange system - JOIN

Traffic Swarm - Responsive Traffic Exchange system - JOIN

10K Hits 4 U - Very Good Traffic Exchange System - JOIN

WebMeld - Clean, simple Traffic Exchange - JOIN

Referral Traffic - Another simple but effective exchange - JOIN

Hit Vortex - Once again ... simple, easy to use, and effective - JOIN

Hits 4 Clicks - More free traffic ... why not? - JOIN

Other Traffic Programs

These are some very kewl ... and very effective ... little puppies! We're talking hi-tech and very effective. Free Traffic Bar and Desktop Lightning are my favorites, in that order. Get involved with these and you'll see why I like them so much. If you need help, just let me know.

Desktop Lightning - Hi-Tech, fun, and builds a very responsive list -

InstantBuzz - delivers unstoppable traffic to your website - JOIN

Free Traffic Bar - This is my favorite! Soooo many bells and whistles. It's a little complicated to learn, but ask me ... I'll walk you through it. Similar to InstantBuzz, in fact, the two can work at side by side at the same time on your browser. Make sure you join this one - JOIN

Lead Sources

NOTE: Many people have a "bugaboo" about "buying leads". That I don't get. A good lead company is extremely good at what they do ... creating advertisments designed to develop highly targeted leads.

Let me ask you something ... are you any good at that?

Do you want to spend the time and money it will take to learn?

Do you want to go through the rigors of learning all you need to know about Google Adwords ... which is a LOT ... then design AND TEST an ad campaign ... dial it in until it's truly effective ... and then ... FINALLY ... after months of work and thousands in expenses ... start pullin' in quality leads?

I'm going to guess your answer is no.

Here's something more ...

I've done all that. I've studied, practiced, tested, and spent. I've gotten to the point where I CAN ... fairly quickly ... put an effective and economical Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Search campaign into effect. I've done it before.

Guess what ...

I'd rather purchase leads from a good, reliable, inexpensive lead company than go through all that hassle. It's simply easier ... and, if done right ... it's more economical.

All that said ... here are the Lead sources I recommend ... in this order:

Oppseekers Leads - This is the best lead source you'll find, and one of the least expensive. I particularly like the Canadian Only and the Phone Interviewed Fresh lead packages. If you get yourself on auto-ship, you have a 10% discount on every order. They also run great Specials. This is a service where you pay per package purchased- JOIN

Traffic Oasis - Responsive Leads for your online business. Many members of our team make use of Traffic Oasis as an additional lead source. It comes with an autoresponder system. When your TO leads come every month ... you simply pop them into your autoresponder and let that wonderful automation go to work for you. This is a service where you pay a flat fee per month- JOIN

MLM Mastermind Leads - These are leads of a lower quality than those above. However, I've had some fairly good luck with them. I don't call them. I enter them directly in my autoresponder at Traffic Oasis. They are directed to my business capture page and from there "opt-in" to my list. - JOIN

Website Submission Service and Software

My Easy Submitting - This is one of the best investments you can make to get your blog capture site found and SEEN on the net. For $14.95 per month, My Easy Submitter will repeatedly submit your web page to over 700,000 search engines, directories, classified sites ... and more. That means it will be indexed by the search engines and found by people searching the web for what you have to offer! It's also a very inexpensive, but very powerful Supplemental Business. This one is a must if you want to really kick your business into overdrive! - JOIN

I-Booster - This is software that loads into your computer and does relatively the same thing as MES. I use it and have had good results. You setup whatever ads you'd like to submit one time. From then on, you simply tell I-Booster to start submitting ... and it does! Every evening when I finish work ... I turn on my I-Booster and it spends a couple of hours sending out ads to THOUSANDS of websites all over the net. The result is ... traffic to my website. - BUY

Websites & Hosting

Global Domains International - GDI is a great little company, and a perfect Supplemental Business. All of my email accounts, websites, and re-directs are through GDI. It's got a nice little bonus plan and ... at $10 per month per domain ... it's not a big ticket item. You can build and host a complete, 10-page website, or host one you've created off-site, for just that $10 per. AND ... unlike some of the 7.95 per month companies ... I've NEVER seen GDI go offline. NEVER ... not in all the time I've used them. I love this little giant! - JOIN

Article Writing & Submission Resources

Article writing and submission is an extremely powerful technique to get people to your web page. It's also great for building credibility as you develop your business. I highly recommend the use of the strategy ... and I recommend these tools as well. Especially Article Marketer. It's incredible.

If you're interested in Article writing to develop web traffic, contact me. I'd be glad to teach you the in's and out's and help get you going on it.

Article Marketer - Article writing and submission is one of the most powerful traffic generating strategies you can employ. Here is the absolute best resource for Internet-wide article submission. -

Melanie Mendelson's Article Writing Training Software - Think you can't write an article? Think you can't do it quickly and efficiently? Melanie provides an easy way to learn how to write articles fast and painlessly. This is software you purchase one time - Buy

Success Training

Success University - Success is LEARNED. Learn here from the best - JOIN

Communication Resources

Direct Matches - Meet other marketers. Promote your business in a personal way. This is a very powerful tool. MySpace for the business set! - JOIN

Instant Messengers -

MSN Messenger
- Communicate with prospects and members online in real time - JOIN
AIM (AOL Messenger) - Communicate with prospects and members online in real time - JOIN
Skype - Phone and instant messenger service - JOIN

Contact List Building Strategies Report
From Janet Legere

Designed to use Response Magic - For active PayItForward4Profits members. If you're not a member of PIF4P, don't worry about it ... Janet's eBook will still teach you her strategies ... AND they're very powerful. Simply replace "PIF4P" with "whatever business you're promoting" when you read and use her great resource book.

NOTE: The link here will take you to a site where you will be thanked for joining my newsletter ... don't worry ... you didn't join or re-join, that's just the Thank You page for folks who do. That's where I've mounted Janet's report. Simply download the report from there. Use this report as-is, or re-brand it. Contact me for re-branding software - Click here for a re-brandable copy

Other Training Resources

Janet Legere's "Contact List Builder" Blog - Janet owns and operates her "Contact List Builder". CLB is a teaching and coaching facility where she trains others to use her list building strategies, and how to use them to market online. For more advanced learning, you want to check in here: http://janetlegere.blogspot.com/

The Contact List Builder - Learn from the best! Janet's list building strategies as taught by the Mistress (?) herself! (LOL). Get your free copy of Janet's "The Contact List Builder", and start there. Take the e-courses. Then graduate to Full Membership in one of the best I-Marketing training facilities in the world. - Download Your Copy & Register Here

Janet Legere's Live Training for GDI Members - offered weekly to all GDI members and their guests. Join us every Wednesday at 3PM and 8PM eastern - Register Free

Janet Legere's Live Training for InstantBuzz Members
- offered bi-weekly to InstantBuzz members - Register Free

Janet Legere's Guest Speaker Events - register for our Guest Speaker events. Throughout the year, CLB offers workshops with special guest speakers. Registration is free!
Click here to register and listen to past recordings

Contact Me

About the Author:

Steve Gaghagen is a Director with The SYKARO Team. He is an actor, director, singer, author, "Recovering" Realtor, Network and Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where he is owned by a wolf/dog hybrid named Cimarron.